Don’t Want To Be Poor In Old Age? Follow these 6 steps!

Don’t Want To Be Poor In Old Age? Follow these 6 steps!

Who doesn’t want his future guaranteed? Everyone might want it. This is not an impossible thing, because it can be cultivated early.

Better life can be achieved when you intend to seek your destiny. Following this, the Portfolio Team shares tips that you can apply in your daily life for a better and more secure future.

1. Wise Using a Credit Card

Entering the world of work, a sense of self-satisfaction must begin to emerge.Besides being able to generate your own income, at least you can meet your daily needs. To make it easier to meet daily needs, in addition to cash you have, many people use debit and credit cards as a support.

Debit cards are still safe to use because they come from your own savings. It’s just that you need to watch out because if it’s not controlled, it will affect your financial condition.

While credit cards, if used wisely, credit cards can become friends. However, credit cards will become a burden that continues to haunt if not controlled properly. It is undeniable that credit cards offer many conveniences that you can feel. Starting from installments, promos, to reward points.

We recommend using a credit card wisely. Use according to urgent needs. Of course that is more supportive of you in fulfilling everyday needs.

2. As stylish as possible

Lifestyle is also one of the determinants of the future. Yes, this is the right of everyone to want to branding themselves like that, it’s free. His name is also human, which requires social status and recognition of others.

The important thing is that the lifestyle you choose is the one that suits your financial abilities. Not because of pride, you force yourself with the style you want.It may not be felt in the near future, but a forced lifestyle will have an impact on your financial condition in the future.

3. Reduce the Consumptive Soul

Consumptive lifestyles cannot be separated from modern lifestyles. On the one hand, a consumptive pattern gives us pleasure, but on the other hand a consumptive style will make it have an unfavorable impact on financial ‘health’.Consumptive can be assumed as waste. While waste itself can be interpreted as an exaggerated behavior beyond what is needed.

You can get around by starting to control your habits in shopping at the mall or hanging out. Make a schedule so you can limit you. For example, once a week, there are only two weeks.

4. Start Investing

Many reasons why we need to invest. We certainly have financial goals in the future such as vacationing abroad in the next few years, carrying out worship activities, continuing education and other purposes. By investing we can realize our financial goals.

Many investment choices that you can choose. Starting from the traditional ones such as property, bonds and gold. It can also be online, such as stock trading, forex, or cryptocurrency.

5. Don’t get used to debt

Actually, your expenses are greater than pocket money. But you can’t brake because you are used to having debt money.

Well, a wasteful lifestyle and not in accordance with this income can be a habit until you grow up later. Let alone save, if your money becomes minus.

6. Get used to saving

Saving is the easiest and simplest way to guard against unexpected events in the future, as well as investment and insurance. Regardless of the value, in fact this saving activity is very useful, because saving can be used so that we avoid debt. In addition, if you have savings, you certainly don’t need to worry about things that don’t need to remember, because you already have a reserve fund.

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