Difference between Dealing Quotes and Forex Online


Difference between Dealing Quotes and Forex Online

By plot, how to transact in forex trading is calculated to be two, namely by telephone and via the internet. Phone calls are called dealing quotes (DQ) and the internet is called Online Forex Trading.

1. Dealing Quotes (DQ)

Many people see this through television. Someone as well as a telephone with busy and asking price. In a few seconds the transaction is complete and the transaction information has been stored by the dealer.

A dealer is someone who is placed by a broker with the task of channeling the Investor’s mandate to transact.

The dealer tells us the current price. When a price match occurs, the transaction occurs. Proof of the transaction is in the form of a voice recording of telephone conversations and quotes (notes) which are all kept by the dealer.

online forex trading
Online forex trading

It looks simple and easy, pick up the phone, talk then complete. But if we look further, this method has many weaknesses. The first weakness is the weak evidence of transactions held only by the dealer. Investors are very dependent on proof of transaction in the form of quotes and recordings that are also held by the dealer. And investors need to justify that the valid proof of the transaction is only those two things (because they are bound by the Client Agreement). As if the investor has proof of the transaction recorded on his own initiative. The evidence is not legally recognized by the dealer and the applicable law. In this case the investor’s position is weak. What happens if the proof of the transaction disappears while the transaction is valid and the investor needs to make a profit?

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Another disadvantage, because the transaction is brokered by a dealer who is also a human, the human error factor is always there. even though the dealer is normally actually a trained person, it still has a factor of inaccuracy, negligent. Or even emotional factors that can reduce work professionalism.

2. Online Forex Trading

Along with the advancement of the internet world, transactions can now be done via the internet. Prices displayed are official prices and are recognized internationally. And that is right on the screen of the investor’s computer. In this way, investors can trade their money at will. No longer need the dealer and because the transaction is carried out by the Investor himself then the possibility of losses due to the dealer factor becomes zero. Reporting is made online as well as real time. It’s easier, there is no price game (by illegal dealers / brokers), and control is truly in the hands of investors. In addition, there are many flexibility that these online transactions have that are not owned by conventional methods. Investors do not need to go to the market or even call, just by internet, everything is fulfilled.

Online forex trading platform

Then what about in your country? Which method is more widely used? Even though the online trading system is certainly better than the DQ system. In fact, not all brokers provide online forex trading. Whereas in foreign brokers the DQ model transactions are only provided as deposits when the online system has a problem. The majority of foreign brokers have used online systems.

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