Currency Cross Pair is more attractive

Currency Cross Pair is more attractive

Currency Cross Pair, as we have discussed before that almost the majority of the forex market is related to the US Dollar currency so that the release of economic reports from the United States of America will cause a currency that refers to the movement of the US Dollar to experience a spike (instantaneous price spikes). And because the US has a very strong economic influence in the world, the majority of forex traders will focus on every economic report that will be issued.
So that means if you see major currency price movements then you will see a spike line even though trending has appeared. This makes us more careful and hard work to determine whether the market is going to be trending or ranging.
Currency Cross Pair
If we look at the major currency chart, the EUR / USD currency pair above the movement is very irregular (ranging) so that we are more difficult to determine a trend.
Currency Cross Pair
Conversely, if we look at currency cross pair movements (EUR / JPY) with the same period as the major currency (EUR / USD) then we will see a very regular price movement so that we easily determine the trend.
What distinguishes the two, namely trading major currency with currency cross pair is our ease of determining a trend so that we will be confident when opening a trading position because we know how much opportunity we will get profit.


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