CFD Trading – Do You Want to Make Money Or Just Fool Around?

CFD Trading – Do You Want to Make Money Or Just Fool Around?

The key to CFD trading success is to follow a profitable strategy and effectively manage your risk. Trading successfully is as simple as that, but now comes the hard part, finding and following the strategy.

Having developed many different trading strategies over the years I am well aware of the challenges that exist to doing this. First, you must come up with an idea that could be profitable. This requires a basic understanding of how the markets operate and where profitable opportunities lie.

From my own research, these edges typically exist in two places, one at extremes where the market or stock is overbought or oversold. A quick reversal can result in consistent profits. The other area to find profits is by incorporating independent variables into your analysis. Use another variable other than price to make your decisions. It could be volume, market depth, sector performance, company fundamentals, news flow, commodity prices or currency movement or any other number of different variables.

Many people will spend hours analyzing all of the charting indicators built into their software, but remember that most of these are based on price. All of this analysis is just looking at the price in a different way. It is far more difficult to gain a breakthrough in profitability if you keep looking at the same thing over and over again, rather than incorporating new information.

It can take a lot of time to find a trading strategy that you are happy with. It can take hundreds of hours of study or computing time or both to find a profitable trading strategy and for many traders, it is the start of a life long search for trading profit.

I would like to offer an alternative if you do not have the time or skills to produce your own trading strategy. That is a strategy that is easy to follow, low risk and produces excellent results. With a track record of 12 profitable months out of 15 and an average return of $1,157 per month based on a $5,000 account it certainly displays a strong track record. Historically the strategy trades a maximum of 8 times a month, so you are not committed to becoming a day trader to follow this strategy through.


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