Can Trading Use Windows Excel?

Can Trading Use Windows Excel?

There are many ways to go to Rome. Similarly with trading. As we’ve discussed before, there are so many styles and ways of trading that we can choose and master. The goal remains the same that is trading as good as possible, meaning that trading should not always profit, there are ups and downs, but in the end happy ending and make us smile all the way to the bank.

The beginner trader would be confused with hundreds or perhaps thousands of trading styles or the language of the trading style. There are times when a trader must continue to experiment until finally actually find a method or trading system is accurate and in accordance with his character.

Above it is about trading style or trading system. Then how about the execution of trading? About a decade ago, the execution of trading was done using a telephone or better known as dealing quote (DQ). This method has long been abandoned but remains an alternative when an emergency occurs, for example when a broker’s MetaTrader server is in trouble, then the customer (trader) can execute by DQ to the phone number that the broker specified.

As the online world grows, almost all brokers and world traders make transactions using online trading platforms such as MetaTrader or other platforms provided by their respective brokers.

In addition, it turns out Windows Excel can also be used for trading. How come? Yes it can be because Excel can be integrated with trading platform like MT4 and MT5. Software commonly used to create simple to complicated lists can also be used to execute trading, either during open position, close position or pending order. Well, for you who have never tried it, maybe this is the time to experiment using Excel for trading.

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Trading with Microsoft Excel and MT4

One broker who provides trading execution facility using Windows Excel is GKInvest. In the MT4 Booster package from GKInvest there is an Excel Real Time Data (RTD) feature or expert advisor, which can be used to monitor, analyze, execute and create trading reports.

Users do not have to learn a programming language to be able to operate Excel RTD, just with basic Excel knowledge. However, for users who have the knowledge and ability of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) will be more free to use Excel RTD because it can create customized ticket deal (customized) to automated trading based on Excel financial model.

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Trading with Microsoft Excel and MT4

With Excel RTD, traders can also enter technical indicators such as RSI, ATR, stochastic, moving average with various variants. Likewise, the symbol / instrument and the desired time frame that by default does not exist in the standard MT4, for example 10-minute or 2-hour time frame.

Are you interested in using Excel RTD? Since Excel RTD is an integral part of MT4 Booster, you should contact the GKInvest customer service immediately for more information and tutorials.


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