Brexit: Article 50 Has Been Executed, How Next? (Part-1)

Brexit: Article 50 Has Been Executed, How Next? (Part-1)

Nine months after the British people decided through a referendum that Britain must leave the European Union ( Brexit ), Prime Minister Theresa May activated the mechanism of legislation that would realize this, namely Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, or what is commonly referred to as Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty. He signed a letter that began the process, which was then handed over to European Council President Donald Tusk.

Then PM May gave a statement in front of the House of Commons, where he said that now was the time for Britain to unite.

What will happen?

There will be negotiations with EU officials. But the real heavy work will not start until May or June, when negotiations with European Union member countries are scheduled to begin.

These negotiations are expected to end in the spring of next year. After that, all elements of the British government will discuss the agreements that have been reached to vote.

When exactly does Britain get out of the European Union?

Based on Article 50, the negotiation process may take two years. That can only be continued if there is agreement from the majority of European Union member countries.

If no agreement is reached within two years the UK will automatically exit the European Union and all existing agreements – including access to a single market – no longer apply to the UK. If this is the case, then Brexit will officially occur on March 29, 2019.

What Is Article 50?

Article 50 is a rule that applies to EU member states intending to leave the alliance. The article was made as part of the Lisbon Agreement signed by all EU member states which later became binding law since 2009. Prior to the agreement, there was no formal mechanism that regulated if there were countries that wanted to leave the European Union.

The agreement must be approved by a “competent majority” (72% of the remaining members, representing 65% of the population) and supported by European Parliament Members.

Can the process be terminated?

No country has ever left the European Union and Article 50 does not explicitly state whether the process can be stopped. The British Government cannot provide a legal statement on this issue.

Even so, in his speech in front of the House of Commons, Prime Minister Theresa May said that “there will be no way back”.

However, European Council President Donald Tusk said he was convinced that Article 50 allowed this.

British veteran diplomat Lord Kerr also agreed with Donald Tusk. Lord Kerr also formulated Article 50 and said in a BBC interview in November 2016, “You can change your mind while the process is going on.” But Lord Kerr also said that he was not sure there were British politicians who wanted to return.

Why Must Wait Long?

Prime Minister Theresa May said in October last year that she would officially notify the European Council at the end of March 2017. She said that she did not want to rush to start the Brexit process before the targets desired by the British government themselves had not been agreed.

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