Best Scalping Indicators for Forex Online and CFD Stock Trading

Best Scalping Indicators for Forex Online and CFD Stock Trading

Greetings Master, I like scalping techniques, what indicators are good to use for that technique and what is meant by bearish divergence? Thanks for the answer Master

Best Scalping Indicators – As it is known that scalping is wrong or a technique to generate profits from market movements that are not too extreme. Because generally, the rule of scalping is to enter a slow-moving market.

The meaning of the scalper itself is, Skipping Ticks or Pitchers. This system is like the Jump Ticks. Jump there, Jump here by doing an Open Buy or Sell, and if you see a profit then close the trade (close the trade). The advantage of being a scalper is that you can generate bigger profits. Because I made several open trades, either BUY or SELL. Becoming a Scalper can use the equipment below.

1 . scalping techniques

  • TF / Graph: All (preferably on M5 / M15)
  • Currency Pair: All
  • Supporting Indicators :
  • Simple Moving Average 5 – Close – Red Color
  • Simple Moving Average 10 – Close – Blue Color
  • Stochastic Oscillator 14,3,3 – Level 20: 80

BUY: if SMA10 crosses with SMA5. SMA10 (Blue) is below SMA5 (Red), and when Stochastic is at level 20

SELL: If SMA10 crosses with SMA5. SMA10 (Blue) is above SMA5 (Red) And when the stochastic is at level 80

EXIT / CLOSE PROFIT. Because this system is a scalper model. For Exit or Close Profit, Close Manual can be done if Profit is seen.

2. What does bearish divergence mean?

the divergence comes from divergence. The meaning is that there is a directional resistance between the price and the indicator used. bearish divergence means that the price rose to a new high, while the indicator refused to rise to a new high.


The Right Indicator For 1 Minute Scalping

For scalping TF 1m or TF 5m, what indicator should you use? to always be profitable.

In trading you can’t always make a profit, there is always a risk of loss. For that always use a stop loss (SL) to limit risk.

For scalping, you just need to look at the direction of the trend on the trading time frame, besides that, also observe the price action that is formed as a signal for entry. Can use 2 moving average indicators and an oscillator indicator (RSI or stochastic).

Here’s an example:

The indicators used are mainly exponential moving average (EMA), use ema 8 and ema 21, parabolic SAR (default setting), and RSI with a period of 9. The priority for making decisions is on the ema 8 (red) and ema 21 (blue) curves. If the ema 8 curve is above ema 21 then open buy and if ema 8 is below ema 21 open sell. Parabolic SAR and RSI indicators for confirmers. RSI above the 50.0 level then buys and below 50.0 sells.

Determination of resistance and support levels can be used Fibonacci retracement from the nearest high and low levels. Also, observe the price action (eg in the example above buy when a bullish engulfing candle is formed). The target level (take profit) does not need to be high because the possibility of price movements can change quickly.

Solutions for Scalper Traders Using Technical Analysis

My master likes to learn scalper traders.

1. How to see the TF on the movement of the pin bar and if the 10-minute TF is installed with the SMA period 20 indicator + Bollinger bands period 14 it doesn’t affect the pin bar.
2 . Solutions for scalper traders using technical analysis and what to learn?.

1. Pin bars can be seen (observed) on all time frames and are often valid if confirmed by technical indicators. Pin bars are candle formations that are formed as a result of price movements, so they are not influenced by any indicators. It is precisely the indication of the indicator that will be influenced by the formation of the candle. The pin bar is the object being measured while the indicator is the measuring device.

2. Scalpers usually trade on time frames M30 (30 minutes), M15, or M5:

  • Observe the price action that is formed, and for confirmation:
  • Use MACD trend indicator with default settings.
  • RSI or stochastic oscillator indicator: for 9 periods RSI, for 5,3,3 period stochastic.
  • ema 8 and ema 21 as dynamic resistance and support.
  • Optional: you can also add a parabolic SAR indicator.
  • To determine the level of resistance and support, if it is difficult because it is not obvious, you can use the help of Fibonacci retracement or expansion.

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