Best forex signals 2021

Best forex signals 2021

Best forex signals 2021

In the world of trading which consists of trading commodities, forex, and binary, indicators are very mandatory. Using this indicator you will know what to do in trading. The data obtained from this indicator is used to conduct analysis to determine whether to buy or sell.

Functions of the Indicator

In the world of trading, too, to determine transactions or pay attention to existing trends, one must use additional tools. Using only the MetaTrader platform will not be able to solve the problem. Therefore indicators are needed.

Why Should You Use Custom Indicators?

The indicators provided are very useful for trading beginners to those who are experts in this field. By using custom indicators you will get some of the benefits below.

Fairly High Accuracy

One of the advantages of custom indicators, when compared to built-in indicators, is their testing. Indicators that have these special parameters are widely tested on real accounts. This means that the accuracy is quite high compared to using a demo account which has no clear advantages and is not real.

Easy to Use

This enhanced indicator is very easy to use. Even by just making modifications to a few parameters, you can immediately know what trend is going on easily. You can tell whether the trend is bullish or bearish from the visible line.

Facilitate Transactions

By using this indicator you can easily determine where the support and resistance points are. This point is used for the beginning of making transactions until finally closing or liquidating in order to get significant profits over a certain period of time.

Hopefully, the reviews above are useful for those of you who want to dive into the world of trading!


Best forex signals 2021:


The Forex Signals Indicator consists of two main parts.

The first part is the buy/sell arrows signal.
Simply follow the arrow/signal. Red arrow + Sell signal = Sell, Blue arrow + Buy signal = Buy.

For this signal, you can turn on/off the audio alert from the settings of the indicator. Right-click on chart >> indicators >> Forex Invincible Signal >> (ALERT = TRUE/FALSE).

The second part is the Support/Resistance Signal.

This option will calculate the average Support/Resistance levels over a period of time. You can set the time period from the indicator’s settings. Right-click on chart >> indicators >> Forex Invincible Signal >> ( SRPeriod : Number of Days ).

Stop loss.

Using a stop loss for any trades is optional. It often depends on the currency pair you are trading and the time frame you are using.

In general:

  1. For Sell Signals: Set your stop loss at any point ABOVE the red arrow. The best stop loss would be the last resistance level.
  2. For Buy Signals: Set your stop loss at any point BELOW the blue arrow. The best stop loss would be the last support level.

Important notes

For optimal results, use the software with the major currency pairs e.g. EUR/USD, EUR/USD GBP/USD USD/CHF USD/JPY USD/CAD AUD/USD.

Also, use it with the 15M time charts and higher. The 15M 30M and 1H charts are more suitable for intraday trading. The 4H chart is more suitable for weekly/swing trading.

If your broker doesn’t provide you with a Metatrader platform, you can open a demo account with any other broker and install the software on their Metatrader platform. You can then simply copy the signals to your broker’s trading platform.



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