Being a successful Forex trader is disciplined and consistent.

Being a successful Forex trader is disciplined and consistent.

In another article on the forex4live website, I have shared with you the principles of being a consistently successful Forex broker. In trading we must try to eliminate many destructive myths about Forex trading. I will say to you, from the start, that so many forex brokers are in fact “gamblers” Forex. These people are those who are greedy in controlling the transaction decisions they make. Even though they might produce a shocking profit. But such a mindset almost guarantees that they will ultimately lose more than they can!

successful Forex trader

Success, I get from consistency and discipline!

In fact, I don’t agree that successful brokers must be aggressive risk takers !. Almost contrary to him, my reluctance to risk has made me a more successful broker. Yes, when compared to most other people! I hope to see you reach the same level of success that achieves the highest achievement, graduating with a First Class Honors degree. With my academic success, I am convinced that high Q will bring success in life. Thus, to relieve my ego, I also took an IQ test, with a score of 156. Which naturally places me in the top 2% of the total population. With only optimism, I entered the corporate world, working in the investment profession. I strive to achieve a proud qualification for CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), aspiring to become an outstanding investment manager.

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