Become the Perfect Forex Trader? Forget it

Become the Perfect Forex Trader? Forget it

Have you ever felt that you should be able to find the secrets of forex trading that no one else had known before? Or have you ever felt that what you have been doing as a forex trader isn’t enough if you can’t find the secret? It’s best to forget to be a perfect forex trader, because this will make you get nothing.

Obsession of being a perfect forex trader.

There are a group of traders who are very obsessed with being able to become “perfect” traders. This group never stops to always look for new things, always looking for new experiences and develop their theories and ways of trading. Unfortunately there is never anything that can make them satisfied. Unfortunately, this class always records a decline in trading performance over time. In vain, right?

Too many forex trading secrets that you learn.

Too many forex trading secrets that you learn, finally make you confused about determining the right choice

Try to contemplate: why bother taking the time to find the secrets of forex trading that is not necessary? For what if you drain your mind to design a “perfect” trading system? Why look for something that never existed?

There is no perfect forex trading system.

Yes, there is never a perfect forex trading system. The perfect trading system is just a myth. Even a system that uses many rules and indicators is not a perfect trading system. When the market does not agree with the logic built by your trading system, then that’s when you have to accept the reality and say, “Okay, it’s time to cut loss.”

It’s true that no one wants to be a reckless or careless trader, but on the other hand you don’t have to be a perfect trader. There is no perfect human being, so the consequence is that no single trading system is perfect.

Consider the following story:

There is someone – call it his name Anthony – who has always been a smart student at school. The report card is never under nine. He is always ranked first in the class. Graduated from college with cum laude with almost four GPA. He is a student with “perfect” grades.

Then there was Peter Scoot. Peter Scoot is an “average” student. Even in the class, it never penetrated the top ten rankings, the best was only 11th or 12th. The college achievement was normal. Academic value is dominated by B and C.

Several years later, Anthony met Peter Scoot. Do you know where Anthony met with Scoot? They met at a company owned by Peter Scoot, where Anthony worked as General Manager.

This story is not fictitious, despite using a pseudonym. But it is not intended to underestimate academic values. Not at all. You certainly are mature enough to judge the true intentions of this paper. Academic value is important and being smart is certainly a necessary thing, but that is not the point of this paper.

Stop trying to be a perfect forex trader

The point of this article is: as a forex trader, rather than trying to be “perfect”, you should focus more on finding better possibilities for success. It could be that the profit you make each time you make a transaction is not as fantastic as the dream “perfect trader” dreams, but you will have more time to develop your skills.

Forex trading is about possibilities. Regarding opportunities. To get the results you want, you must make transactions as often as possible so that the theory of opportunity works well. The more you try, the higher your chances of making a profit. Of course there are risks that come with, but – hey – isn’t the risk directly proportional to the opportunity? The higher the risk, the greater the chance.

Risk management in Forex trading is important

As long as your forex trading system is sufficient, you can prove that there are opportunities that you can achieve – say 70% of your chances will be profitable – and you apply good money management and risk management, no need to worry. You will be able to “pay” a loss of 30% the possibility of a transaction ending in loss. So there is no need to have a forex trading system that is 90% or even 100% accurate.

If you are a perfectionist, always crave a perfect forex trading system, then you will always face obstacles when starting forex trading. You will never want to make a transaction if you are not 100% sure that the transaction will be profitable. You want each of your transactions to have an A value, not B, let alone C.

Try to dare yourself to only get a value of C. Forex traders with an A value may be smarter, but forex traders with a value of C might actually be richer, like Peter Scoot in the story above.

t in the story above.

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