Become part of 10 percent successful forex traders.

Become part of 10 percent successful forex traders.

Articles Being part of 10 percent of successful forex traders will explain the stages of being 10 percent of successful forex traders.

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Become part of 10 percent successful forex traders.

10 percent is not a large amount. So for example fashion trends currently use trousers, and maybe only about 10% of people who fight trends use shorts. In the world of commerce too, if the number of trafficking is assumed to be 100%, so only 10% will succeed and survive.

How can I survive and enter the 10% class? How do they think and what are their trading routines? What have they done but not done by most traders? Next we will discuss the lifestyle of the “10% trader”.

1. Reducing Trading Frequency

How big is your trading frequency? How often do you enter the market? Three times or 20 times a week? Or maybe you actually never calculated the trading frequency?

If you think the frequency of the transaction is directly proportional to the benefits that you will get, you should begin to eliminate the thought.

It is wise if you start to realize that by not entering the market often, you can improve your trading performance. By reducing the frequency of entering the market, not often changing trading positions and patiently waiting for a trading signal that is truly clear, then you are one step ahead to enter the “10%” area. One of the things that 10% of successful and probably not doing traders do is wait patiently for a trading signal with a very high probability, no matter how long it will appear. With more patience, your trading accuracy will be even higher. The more you are able to control your emotions, the greater the chance of making a profit.

2. Make friends with the Chart

Do you still remember the anime (Japanese cartoon film) titled “Captain Tsubasa”? Tsubasa’s character in the football-themed cartoon has the motto “make friends with the ball”. As a trader, you must adapt Tsubasa’s words and replace them by “making friends with charts and markets”. If you don’t like charts and markets, it’s difficult for you to make consistent profits.

Reading charts, following economic news and looking for opportunities in the market have become “daily food” for traders “10%”. These things are not something that is forced on them because they love the activity. If you want to become a “10%” trader, don’t half-do trading activities.

3. Trading with the strategies that you have tested and believe in

The market only moves in two directions: up or down. In reality, there are only two possible trading results: profit or loss. Actually to be able to become a “10% trader” all you need is a strategy that you have tested the truth periodically so that you are confident and sure to use the strategy. This strategy must be found by yourself or modify someone’s trading system.

How? Want to be a successful 10 percent trader? Follow their lifestyle. Happy trading.

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