Allegedly There is a Bitcoin Sale and Purchase, 72 Entities Invested in Investment Scams

Allegedly There is a Bitcoin Sale and Purchase, 72 Entities Invested in Investment Scams

During March and April 2018 the Investment Alert Task Force urged the public to be careful of 72 entities. They are suspected of conducting business activities without permission and potentially harming the community.

Of these, as many as 32 companies mostly come from forex companies or futures trading. OJK views that most cases that occur are not under OJK’s supervision.Because, in accordance with regulations, OJK only regulates and supervises the financial services sector.

“The average activity is not in the financial services sector, such as telemarketing, cryptocurrency, futures trading and others,” said the Vigilant Task Force on Investing in Tongam L Tobing in the Sweet Chat (Bronis) event at the OJK Office, Friday (04/20/2018).

According to Tongam, the entity requested to be fostered by their respective authorities. But other than that, it also carries out prevention and handling in the form of education, socialization, meetings and publications regarding illegal entities.

“If for example there is a regulatory gap, we ask for recommendations to close if there is a regulatory gap,” he explained.

Looking ahead, illegal investment trends that will flourish are cryptocurrency, multi-level marketing, forex and website duplication.

Little information, the Investment Alert Task Force consists of 13 ministries or institutions. The ministry or institution is the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, Ministry of Communication and Information, Police, Prosecutor’s Office, Investment Coordinating Board, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Religion, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, Bank Indonesia and the Financial Transaction Reporting and Analysis Center.

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