Accurate forex signals free

Accurate forex signals free

Free accurate forex trading signals online today!!! 

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“boring trading forex loss continues ???

Need proven forex signals???”

Forex indicators, robots, and forex signals

With the development and ease of internet connection, you have more opportunities to gain profit anytime and anywhere. You can open positions and close your forex positions on your smartphone. You just need to install MetaTrader on your smartphone.

It’s just that to do technical analysis is not as easy as opening a position, and opening a position carelessly is the same as gambling. Doing technical analysis is the best on a personal computer. In addition to the large and clear size, the advantage of doing technical analysis on a personal computer is that you can use your forex indicators freely. 

The problem if so you will be glued to your personal computer all day. So the desire to trade anytime anywhere is just wishful thinking. Especially for you freelance traders who have other important activities. Of course, you can’t wait all day for forex signals in front of your personal computer.

Another problem in using forex indicators is that special knowledge is needed to know the character of each forex indicator that you use.

Learning forex is indeed an art in itself because there is so much information on the internet about this forex. And with information overloaded sometimes make newbie confused. And no confused person succeeds in his trading. That’s why newbies switch from forex indicators to forex robots to earn profits. 

Indeed forex robots have several advantages such as trading without emotions. The very dangerous emotions of fear and greed can be avoided by using a forex robot (with the right settings). It’s just that forex robots also have drawbacks that you need to know. One that is quite dangerous is that forex robots do not always take into account the capital in your forex account. As long as there is a forex signal that appears the forex robot will execute immediately. So even though your capital is almost a margin call, the forex robot still uses your capital.

Especially the martingale-type forex robot. Then what is this Martingale-type forex robotMartingale is a trading technique through probability management that uses the principle of multiplication. In practice, when your trading position loses, the forex robot will open a position opposite your initial position, with additional lots, and so on. It’s just that this forex robot requires a large enough capital. And this forex robot will stop opening positions after your capital runs out.

There are still many forex robots that are offered both free and sold at quite expensive prices from hundreds to thousands of dollars. But the logic is that if the forex robot maker has already made a profit with his forex robot, why does he have to work so hard to get money from selling his forex robot.

So be careful before buying a forex robot or forex indicator. And don’t forget to test the accuracy of this forex robot or forex indicator by doing a backtest first. Also, use the forex demo account to test your forex robot.

So if so, how do you make a profit in this forex world, 3 words?

  • Learn,
  • Study, and
  • Learn.

Yes, there is no other way but to learn, with experience you will be wiser in opening positions. God can because it’s normal. 

But I need profit ASAP if you study overtime…

Ok, I understand… that’s why while you are learning you can still get profit by using forex signals. 

A forex signal is a forex trader or forex analyst who analyzes market conditions to look for opportunities to open positions to make a profit. And the results of this analysis will be given as soon as possible to you to open a position.

Then how do choose the right forex signal? 

  • Prove that the forex signal is accurate.
  • The competence and experience of the forex signal giver.
  • Forex signaling media, if the media is a personal computer, it’s the same as you have to wait all day in front of the computer.
  • The price of the forex signal.


Well, if the 3 elements above are met, it can be ascertained that the forex signal is quite good. Although the possibility for loss is there, at least with the fulfillment of these 3 elements the opportunity to get a profit is greater than the loss.

The accuracy of forex signals

Instead of the author explaining at length, it’s better if we just look at the testimonials of these forex signal users…

Competency of forex signalers

These forex signalers are a team of analysts from  forexsignal30. Which is a team of article writers about market movements on the forexsignal30 website. The team of analysts also often holds webinars about forex which you can see on their channel on youtube. According to the author’s experience, they are quite experienced in the forex world. They are a research team that monitors forex charts every day.

Forex signaling media So far, the author gets forex signals directly through  Whatsapp. So when a forex signal appears in the chat, I can immediately place a position on the  MetaTrader on smartphones too. So there is no need to keep a personal computer. So even when I’m in the office or at the cinema, I can place a position and make a profit. So I can trade anytime and anywhere without having to watch my personal computer.

Price of forex signals

Now lastly is the matter of subscription fees, I used to subscribe to forex signals also ranging from 1 million to 500 thousand per month. My advice is not to let your profits only be used for forex signal subscription fees. For example, a profit of 2 million paying a 1 million forex signal subscription means that the net profit is only 1 million, I’m tired…


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