Academic achievement is not always a determinant of success in Forex Trading.

Academic achievement is not always a determinant of success in Forex Trading.

As I witnessed the crisis in the midst of an economic reversal, I was suddenly awake in the harsh reality of life. I realized that my work was not really enjoyed by me. And the job seems like a time will be taken from me when I am a senior. And it’s quite “expensive” to be a natural “target” when there is a reduction!

My goal of saying about academic achievement and qualifications is not to attract attention to anyone. I just want to say that even though I have such qualifications. I will not achieve financial freedom as long as I do a job all my life. Many of you will agree with me that you work longer in the corporate world. Your qualifications will be less relevant, so the more you grow older, the less secure your work will be.

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In fact, now my scientific paper qualifications don’t mean much as long as my financial success is still valid. Unintentionally, I have friends who achieve great success in forex trading even though they are not really educated !. Although many professional brokers make very sophisticated games to explain trade. But the average person might be able to achieve success in the same game by making it much easier. This is what I always do in my Forex training program. I believe that strength is more often in ease!

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