8 Characteristics That You Are Suitable To Become A Forex Trader

8 Characteristics That You Are Suitable To Become A Forex Trader

Do you feel smart enough to understand the market, but not too sure about it? Here are 8 things that can be a sign that it is actually deep inside you have the potential to become a reliable forex trader.

Curious about what features you have? Let’s peel.

Feature # 1: You tend to use the left brain

The human left brain plays a role in logic and analytics. Analysis and logic are things that successful traders have, because those two things help traders to interpret what is shown by the price movement chart. A trader will decide whether he will make a transaction or not based on all logical considerations.

Feature # 2: interesting analysis for you

You feel interested and excited when you have to do the analysis. If you are someone who always analyzes everything, from playing hobbies to playing a strategy to thinking about details in determining the route to avoid congestion, then you have the capital to become a reliable trader.

Feature # 3: You are able to control emotions

This quality is owned by all successful traders. Emotional stability is the key to maintaining discipline in trading . Sorry, the child whose emotions are unstable is not suitable to be a trader. So, if you are a person who can control emotions, it’s not easy to feel sad or angry, meaning you already have the basic talent to become a forex trader.

Feature # 4: You are able to absorb information quickly

There are people who have to read a paragraph for hours before being able to understand the meaning of the paragraph. They must read it over and over before really understanding the idea of ​​writing.

There are also people who simply read a page of books in just a few seconds and are able to deduce what is meant by the text. If you belong to this group, it is a good capital to become a trader.

Feature # 5: You are not timid and not a doubt

When you have made a decision, there is never any doubt or fear that the decision will be wrong. If you have this quality, then you are actually very potential to be a top trader. A successful trader will not hesitate to press the buy or sell button immediately when the analysis says it’s time to take action. He always has confidence in a controlled level: not too confident, nor lack of confidence.

Feature # 6: You are not afraid of being a “minority”

A great trader doesn’t care if the analysis is different from the analysis of most people. Great traders don’t like to always follow other people’s opinions. If he has his own opinion based on the analysis he has made, he will earnestly hold on to the analysis even though the majority of people around him oppose the analysis. In fact, “imitators” in the world of traders often come out as losers, while those who are firm in confidence often come out as winners. So, if you are not easily influenced by the opinions of others who are different, then it seems you need to try to become a trader.

Feature # 7: You tend to want to prove the truth of a theory

You need to know, that in the world of forex there are many people who offer “tempting assistance”. Lots of people claim that he has a trading strategy that is “extraordinarily great” and seeks to offer that “help” to you. Of course it’s not free, there is a fee that you have to spend. You have to buy the “knowledge” at a certain price that is often unreasonable.

Smart traders will selectively choose the offer. He will not easily believe it, but will first prove the claim based on his own experience. For him, “If it sounds too good to be true, it’s not true at all until proven otherwise.”

If you are always selective and careful in accepting an offer, be happy because it is one of the characteristics of successful traders.

Feature # 8: You already have a demo account and can make profit consistently

If you have started to study the forex market through a demo account , study the market seriously, learn how to build a trading strategy and then conduct transactions based on analysis and data and succeed in collecting profits consistently even though not large, then that is good enough capital to be a trader real forex with real money too. You are just one step away from becoming a successful trader by opening a real account .


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