5 Reasons Why Your Demo Account Performance is Difficult

5 Reasons Why Your Demo Account Performance is Difficult

Demo accounts are a very useful program for both novice traders and experienced traders. Even highly recommended to start trading in the forex market using a demo account first. For demo account opening you do not need to pay for free. The purpose of learning to use a demo account is so that you understand the basics of the currency market. Also with a demo account, you can learn various strategies in the world of trading. For that you really need a demo account that has a good performance. But please note if sometimes there are some people who have a demo account with a poor performance. Why so? Here are some reasons why your demo account performance is not very good:

  1. Internet connection unstable

One of the factors supporting success in trading is the Internet. In the world of the internet, trading is considered a spirit for the development of this business. Without internet access, you will not be able to do any transaction. Even to monitor price movements alone you will not be able to. For that reason so that your demo trading account performance smoothly you must also have internet access smoothly and also stable. An unstable internet connection will result in a requote price that will make your demo account performance to be a pain

  1. Low trading frequency

The second reason is because of the low trading frequency of your demo account. This is because not all demo accounts will continue to be active. Something will be active only if the account has made at least one transaction within 14 days. There is also an active period up to 21 to 30 days, and if within that grace period you do not make transactions this will affect the performance of your demo account. It could even be your demo account will automatically be disabled. If you want to have a demo account again means you have to register again early.

  1. The platform type of your demo account is not compatible with the device you own

There are various types of platforms that you can use for trading examples such as MT4, MT5, Ctrader, etc. For example, MT4 is only compatible with technological devices with Windows, iOS, and Android operating systems and can even be used for EA programming. This is very different from MT5 which is not suitable for EA programming. Even many traders of robot trading users who object to converting their EA programming language. Different again with traders who can only be used for all types of android and windows only. So when you are going to install the demo account platform make sure the platform matches the device you have. The reason if you originally installed the platform could be the platform will not be opened or used. Even if of course the performance of the demo account will not provide good performance for you.

  1. Your demo account has not been updated

In some time, of course, your demo account platform should be updated. For example, if you use MetaTrader certainly in some time there will be updates to improve the performance of your demo account platform. Well, if at that time you do not immediately do the update could be this is the reason why your demo account performance will not be maximum even to stop working. For that reason, you should immediately update the MetaTrader platform of your demo account to avoid the inconvenience. The update process itself can be fairly easy and does not require a long time. You simply log in to your Meta trader terminal and accept the update request from the program. After that, you can press the update button and you just wait a while until the program will download the program itself.

  1. Quality broker

The quality of the broker in providing a demo account can be one of the reasons why your demo account has a poor performance. This usually happens to unregulated brokers. Usually, they will make your order execution to be slow and do various things that can make every demo account transaction you become as they wish. For that reason to really be able to learn to use a demo account with good performance make sure also the broker you choose has good quality and regulated

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