5 Reasons Why to Add Swing Forex Strategies to Your Portfolio

5 Reasons Why to Add Swing Forex Strategies to Your Portfolio

Recently, I received several questions, why an ATS trader should also spend time developing swing strategies (and not only day trading strategies). In this article, I would like to sum up the most important points why I consider it important to have swing systems in a portfolio as well.

1. Swing strategies are a great way how to diversify a portfolio

Fighting with a high correlation of strategies is quite challenging – every at least a little bit advanced ATS trader knows that it is not so easy to find out low-correlated strategies to an existing portfolio. I have also struggled with this issue for a long time until I have added swing strategies to my portfolio.

It makes sense – swing strategies stay in the market longer (mostly several days), so the profit distribution can be dramatically different from intraday strategies and, therefore, we can achieve a lower correlation. And only the combination of intraday and swing strategies I consider to be sufficient diversification. Having only intraday strategies in a portfolio is, in a certain way limiting, as we are losing several benefits that are coming from holding positions longer. If you are still struggling with correlation, it is time to start working on swing strategies.

2. Swing strategies have a bigger drawdown, but, as a matter of fact, they help you to reduce the drawdown

Beginning traders are often scared of bigger drawdowns that swing strategies often have. This is, however, just a groundless fear coming from the inability to see the bigger picture. Once you start seeing it from the broader perspective, you will find out that drawdowns of individual strategies don’t matter – what matters is the drawdown of the whole portfolio, and that can be reduced by adding low-correlated systems to your portfolio (it also makes the equity smoother). This brings us back to the first point – low correlation is important for many reasons and the more colorful portfolio you have, with low-correlated systems, the more stable equity and the lower drawdowns you will experience. Personally, I know a trader who is willing to start trading live a losing system, as long as it is low-correlated to other systems and it smoothens the equity and reduces the drawdown of the whole portfolio (yes, this is how it really works!). This is just another confirmation that focusing on a drawdown of a single strategy is just too shortsighted and you need to take the things into perspective. You should definitely experiment with swing strategies also for this reason – working on correlation and on a portfolio is something that moves us ahead and swing trading is part of it.

3. It is impossible to create a system in some markets (except for the swing strategies)

Another sound reason why to add swing strategies to your portfolio is that in some markets you won’t be able to build a day-trading strategy. This is how it is and if you won’t add swing strategies to your portfolio, you are limiting yourself and your trading business is running just on 50%, instead of 100%.

Trading as many different markets as possible is another great way how to diversify your portfolio and another solution about how to fight high-correlated systems. You need also to consider the time investment – why spending hundreds of hours in a certain market, trying to find an intraday strategy, when you can create a swing strategy for a market that is not suitable for intraday systems, in the fraction of time? From my point of view, it is really pragmatic and necessary to add them to your portfolio. In our database, we have over 400 trading systems, and over 60% of them are the swing ones.

4. Swing strategies increase considerably your average trade

Sometimes you can experience unpleasant slippage (especially when markets get really wild) and if your strategies have a low average trade, it can have a rather negative impact.

With swing systems, this is not a problem anymore. In most cases, you will have really high average trade and you will rarely bother with transaction costs – and that will give you more inner peace and an option to breathe freely and stop worrying about things like slippage.

5. Swing strategies open lots of new possibilities

The last reason for including swing trading is basically a summary of all previous ones:

Without swing strategies, you are leaving too many possibilities behind you. You are not using the world of automated trading as much as you could and you are leaving too much money on the table. The world of swing trading is worth exploring and you should dedicate some time to it. Just because you don’t need to learn much new – just a couple of small, but very important things – and the impact can be really huge.

So much for the reasons, why I consider the idea of an extension of your trading horizon to swing strategies not only to be good but in many cases really essential.

Happy trading!



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