5 Characteristics of a Fake Investment!

5 Characteristics of a Fake Investment!

Always be aware of bulging investments. Moreover, investment is always identical to the amount that is not small. If the investment goal is one way to get passive income. But unfortunately, a handful of people actually take advantage of this opportunity to seek profits through bogus investments. This is further aggravated by the many people who are easily tempted by high interest.

So that you do not experience this, then pay attention to the 5 characteristics of a bulging investment that is rife in Indonesia:

1. Unclear Identity
Every businessman in the financial services industry must register his company with the OJK. By having permission from OJK, a company can be accounted for for its legality.
Broken entities that do not have permits can be identified from their corporate structure. Fake entities usually do not have a clear ownership, management and business activity structure. In addition, they usually do not include their office address.

2. Unreasonable Rewards
There are still many Indonesians who do not understand the matter of investment, often used as loopholes by bogus entities to make profits.
They often offer benefits that are beyond reasonable limits. For example, it exceeds maximum interest or short time.
Whereas an investment has a maximum interest limit, has a relatively long period of time and the benefits obtained are comparable to the interest invested.

3. Main Emphasis on Recruitment
Fake entities often offer benefits through the guise of Multi Level Marketing (MLM). So you are required to find someone else first to invest if you want to get a profit.

4. There is no clarity in managing investments
Illegal investors usually cannot explain how to manage the funds that come in until they eventually turn into profits.
They tend to be just convincing of big profits but it is not clear how to manage them

5. Activities that resemble Money Games and Ponzi Schemes
In the money game and ponzi scheme there are no benefits actually obtained. The profits obtained are actually only money from other investors. So that if there are no more investors, there will be no profit.


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