5 Careers in Forex You Can Try

5 Careers in Forex You Can Try

There are many careers in forex if you want to have a permanent job besides being a forex trader. The forex market is often an attractive and profitable market if you really understand how to sell and buy the correct currency. Now if you are interested, maybe you can try a career in forex. Job in forex is very fast and can mean strange working hours or long working days considering the forex market is open 24 hours a day and a total of five days a week. They need knowledge and compliance with laws and regulations governing financial accounts and transactions.

Even some jobs in forex require candidates who pass 1, 2 or more exams such as the 3rd series test, 7 series, 34 series or 63 series. If you are eligible to work abroad then a career in forex will bring additional pleasure. No matter where you work, foreign language skills will be very helpful in a number of positions.

Well here are some careers in forex that you can try, but remember that the name of this position can be different in each company.

Career in Forex


A forex market analyst can also be referred to as a currency researcher where they must have a bachelor’s degree in the same area of ​​economics, finance or area. At least they are also expected to have experience working in the financial market as traders or analysis for a year. In addition, an analyst must also have experience in the fields of economics, international finance and international politics.

They work for forex brokers and conduct research and analysis to write comments on the daily market about the forex market and economic and political issues that can affect the value of the currency. These professionals use technical, fundamental and quantitative analysis to inform their opinions. Surely these people must be able to produce high quality content very quickly to compensate for the speed of the forex market movements. So forex market analysts have an important role in the trading decisions that traders will take.


If consistently, you succeed in personal forex trading then you most likely have the ability to become a professional forex trader. Currency mutual funds that deal with forex trading require an account manager and professional forex trader to make buying and selling decisions. This position is very high because the Account Manager is responsible for a large amount of money and their professional reputation depends on how you manage the funds.

This work requires special experience in the trading platform, experience working in finance and scholars in finance, economics and business.


The regulator is responsible for preventing fraud in the forex industry and there are many ways to work in forex regulation. The regulatory body will hire various types of professionals and have a presence in various countries. They also operate in the private and public sectors. CFTC is a forex regulator in the United States while the NFA is an association that sets regulatory standards and oversees forex members from the private sector.

In addition to the United States, regulators can also work in several places such as the FSA in the UK, FSA in Japan, SFC in Hong Kong, and ASIC in Australia.


Forex broker managers need individuals to service accounts and they offer a number of positions which are basically customer services that require knowledge about forex. Job responsibilities include processing new customer accounts, verifying customer identities as required by federal regulations, and everything related to customer needs and convenience in trading. This work usually requires a bachelor of finance, accounting or business, analytical skills and problem solvers and an understanding of financial markets, especially forex.


In forex, software developers work for brokers. They create a trading platform that allows users to access currency price data and use charts and indicators to analyze potential trading as online forex trading. Qualifications for this work are undergraduate in computer science, computer engineering and so on. Although there is no need for financial knowledge, trading or forex, this will be a plus for your portfolio.

Well, bro? Are there jobs that make you interested in joining the forex industry ?

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