10 Best Free and Paid Forex Signal Providers

10 Best Free and Paid Forex Signal Providers

Users who do not join the paid program are only given limited access to free accurate forex signals each week. However, the offers provided may vary. Here are some providers of free forex signals and other related services that are affordable.


This American broker offers free access to all the tools included in their Advanced Trading Platform, including free forex signals such as Pivot Points for entry and exit points. The company also presents a distinctive feature called Autochartis which scans the market for trading opportunities referring to forex signals and performs technical analysis to build predictions. His Recognia technical analysis portal is also free and provides training.


This place is a classic community of thousands of traders. This platform is well known for offering quite interesting features. First, users can connect with mentors with decades of experience. Second, it offers access to hundreds of training videos as well as personal training with accurate forex signal experts. Go to ForexSignals


Hello, this is the best forex signal of the year: “Forex4Live Reversal 2021”. This forex system consists of 8 indicators that can predict the future. The value of this forex system is $ 5,000, but we sell it for $ 167 in just a few moments. This is the result of our team’s hard work since 2011. Our EA programmers combine several different strategies into a very accurate and easy forex signal. Forex signals on charts are very easy to read, so even kids and newbies can easily make a profit from forex trading using this system. You only need to understand the basics of Metatrader 4, follow the installation guide on MT4, and make a profit.

In the latest version, we call it Forex4live Reversal 2021. This latest version uses signal entries that do not repaint. The results are very accurate with the addition of trend filter indicators to reduce weak signals. Of course, you are a lucky trader because you have found information about this forex trading signal. Stop trial and error with the forex system that hasn’t been tested yet. The Forex4Live system has been used by traders from all over the world since 2011.

This latest version is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you have followed the rules and made no profit. We dare to give a 100% money-back guarantee because we have proven this system is very easy to use and has the right entry and exit level. With this latest version, we believe you can generate consistent profits, and you can trade forex safely and without speculation.

Price $167 for a lifetime membership. Click here to download

4. Daily Forex

This signal provider site is visited by more than half a million traders every month. Here, you can get daily new forex signals for Bitcoin and all Major pairs. There are also dedicated pages for each instrument. This place provides risk scores, recommended trading times, and forex signals with instructions for bullish and bearish market conditions, including optimal entry, exit, and Stop Loss values.

5. Forex Signals Factory

Visit this site to get accurate and free signals. With a large social media following, the company provides 15 daily forex signals for all major pairs and other instruments. On average, this site delivers 66 signals with an average monthly success rate of 76%. In addition, weekly and monthly forex signals are also available, in addition to predictions (both technical and fundamental analysis).

6. Forex Peace Army

The company is known for its forex reviews. However, this place also offers several signals and services that are completely free. This site comes in the form of a forum and presents new guideposts every day. This site guides traders to act on certain news stories. All tradable news agendas are also summarized in a special weekly post.

7. Learn2Trade

This place is an educational platform. This place offers powerful signal services using AI and machine learning technologies. The signals provided cover all Major pairs, including the best entry, Stop Loss, and Profit Limit values.

The company is known for its transparency. The user can see how each signal was generated (eg using Fibonacci re-tracking, support, resistance, etc.). The research carried out is also supported by the presence of a qualified algorithm. The free program includes 3 weekly signals. While premium users get 5 daily signals sent via Telegram.

8. MQL5

MQL5 is the programming language used by MetaQuotes Software Corp. This company page is one of the primary sources of information used by traders using the MetaTrader 4 or 5 application.

Unfortunately, this signal can be obtained from almost anyone. This is even though each contributor’s performance is checked and judged in terms of ROI. You can also check how often they trade and the highest drawdown (the biggest drop after the peak before the point recovers).

9. ForexGDP

Every ForexGDP free user can get up to 4 monthly signals. Profits can vary from 90 to 150 pips.

Free hints include incoming and outgoing value suggestions sent via WhatsApp. Other features can be obtained with a subscription at a fairly affordable price ($49 -84 per month). Premium users get 8 – 12 signals with a profit of 300 – 700 pips.


This Forex system is created by our programmers by combining several indicators into all trading systems. Forex signal 30 is the result of years of trial and error. This system is not repainted, very simple, and very accurate.

We have tested thousands of forex systems until we have found this system. You no longer need trial and error, just follow the rules of forex signal 30 in forex trading. Forex signal 30 went on sale in 2009 and Forex signal 30 has been used by thousands of traders from all over the world.

Give me just a few minutes and I will show you the best forex trading signals to beat the forex markets and change your life

Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic?

Before following a signal provider, decide whether you need full or semi-automated advice. Semi-automatic is most commonly done today. But why is this important?

The semi-automatic system provides instructions, but you still have to perform transactions manually and set all the required parameters. In comparison, a fully automated system connects you to the forex trading platform of your choice. Then, the transaction is done on your behalf

In general, it’s better if you keep certain controls in place, which then puts semi-automatics as the answer. This way, you can still evaluate each signal independently. You can decide whether to act or not. Make sure you stay informed, get the latest news from brokers, and check out our TOP YouTube channel in addition to following forex signals.


Trading signals are suitable for all investors. Protect your trading account against excessive losses and optimize algorithm power to increase profits. Currently, it is possible to search for accurate signals which are also free!

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Forex Signal 30 is the best forex system since 2009 and has been used by thousands of traders from around the world to generate profit in forex trading. This system is created by our team of Brilliant Forex Signal Team, this system is made as simple as possible for beginner and professional traders.

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